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F1 in Schools Formula 1® STEM  Challenge
State Regional Competition Registrations

Ready to innovate a faster race car, compete globally, travel to exotic locations and develop critical skills? Then, DOWNSHIFT Into STEM.

Register Teams for the 2017-18 F1iS USA Regional Events to be Held in Your State or a State Near you

1.  Please Read Through the Design Criteria for the F1 in Schools Formula 1®  STEM Challenge

2.  Complete the "On-Line" Registration Form

3.  Check That you Have Read the Design Criteria and Agreement Criteria

4.  Submit Your "On-Line" Registration Form

5.  Return to the Registration and Resources Page to Submit Your Payment.


The "On-Line" REGISTRATION Submission is a SEPARATE Process From the "On-Line" PAYMENT Process so They can be Completed Independent of Each Other 

Confirmation of Your Team(s) Registration Will not be CONFIRMED Until Payment is Received

Design Criteria for the F1 in Schools Formula 1® STEM  Challenge

All teams must comply with the following criteria:

  • The F1iS team must contain either a minimum of three (3) or a maximum of six (6) students.
  • The F1iS team must use Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) software to produce and model concepts in 3D.
  • The F1iS team must use Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines (i.e. lathes, mills or routers), 3D printers/rapid prototypers or manufacturing centers/partners to produce the car body.
  • The F1iS car body must be made from the Denford F1 Model Block.
  • The dimensions of the car body, together with the wheels, must match the dimensions outlined in the rules.
  • Each car body must be manufactured either at the team school or at a manufacturing center/partner location.
  • Each car body must be painted with a high-quality finish.  Only a limited amount of hand finishing to the car body is allowed.
  • Each team must bring the car and an identical spare backup car to any F1iS regional or super regional race event and the F1iS U.S. National Championships.
  • Each team must produce an Enterprise portfolio that will include evidence of marketing, social media presence, sponsorship procurement and team identity according to the regulations set forth in the F1 in Schools Formula 1® STEM  Challenge Competition Rules.
  • Each team must produce a Technical portfolio that will include evidence of research, analysis,  initial ideas, design development, manufacturing process and testing as well as remake and retesting according to the regulations set forth in the F1 in Schools Formula 1® STEM  Challenge Competition Rules.
  • Each team must supply, in the Technical portfolio, a third angle orthographic projection and a 3D rendering of the final design - both produced using a 3D CAD package.
  • Each team must complete a specification sheet that must be displayed in the Technical portfolio.
  • Each team may face a state-level F1iS race elimination event to determine advancement to the 2nd Annual F1iS U.S. National Championships in May or June, 2018 (TBD) at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, TX.  EXCEPTION(1):  Any state teams competing in a Super Regional Race event or neighboring State Regional Race event that is NOT their "Home" state will represent their "Home" state at the F1iS U.S. National Championships if they qualify by being one of the top three teams from their "Home" state at the end of the "out of state" competition they may have participated in.  EXCEPTION(2):  Participation of "out of state" teams in Super Regional Race events or State Regional events will NOT eliminate the qualifying top three "in state" teams from advancing to the U.S. National Championships.

F1 in Schools Formula 1® STEM  Challenge 2017-18 Agreement

Thank you for Your Registration - Good Luck!
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Agreement Criteria:

1)  I wish to organize a team for the 2017-18 F1 in Schools Formula 1® STEM Challenge.

2)  I accept that any work entered into the F1 in Schools Formula 1® STEM Challenge may be used for the promotion of future events and that work may be kept and used in such circumstances.

3)  I accept that DOWNSHIFT...Into STEM and its partners, sponsors as well as subsidiaries have no liability for costs incurred by me or my school for the design and construction of car models to be entered in the F1 in Schools Formula 1® STEM Challenge.

4)  Should my team(s) be accepted as an F1 in Schools Formula 1® STEM  Challenge team, I will receive a confirmation with a designated team number.

5)  I accept that rules may be amended at the sole discretion of DOWNSHIFT...Into STEM in accordance with guidance provided by F1 In Schools, Ltd. U.K. for standards issued by same.  (Entrants will be informed of any major changes to the rules.)

6)  I understand that DOWNSHIFT...Into STEM shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to disqualify teams that breach or do not adhere to the rules and guidelines laid out in the F1 in Schools Formula 1® STEM Challenge Competition or Technical Rules as well as this Agreement.

7)  I must  pay a F1 in Schools Formula 1® STEM Challenge fee and complete this agreement in order to participate.

USA F1iS State Regional Team Registration 
On-Line Fee Payment

Refund Policy:  No Refunds After Twenty-one (21) Days

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