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2017 F1 in Schools Formula 1
STEM Challenge

1st Annual New York State SUPER Regional Competition
at the
Classic Car Club Manhattan
Saturday, April 1, 2017

PNW Boces

Dead Voltage

Facebook: DeadVoltage

Twitter account: @pnwdeadvoltage

New Jersey Schools

Dream Racers

Brentwood Senior H.S.

Interstellar M1

Twitter: Interstellar_F1

Website: http://InterstellarF1.weebly.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InterstellarF1/

Instagram: InterstellarF1

Click on the Cover Below for the
2017 F1 in Schools Formula 1 STEM Challenge
1st Annual New York State Super Regional Competition Official Program

Click HERE to Register for This Year's 2017 F1 in Schools  Formula 1 STEM Challenge 1st Annual New York Regional Competition

1.  Please Read Through the Design Criteria for the "F1 in Schools" (F1iS) Technology Challenge

2.  Complete the "On-Line" Registration Form

3.  Check That you Have Read the Design Criteria and Agreement Criteria

4.  Submit Your "On-Line" Registration Form

5.  Return to the Registration and Resources Page to Submit Your Payment.


The "On-Line" REGISTRATION Submission is a SEPARATE Process From the "On-Line" PAYMENT Process so They can be Completed Independent of Each Other 

Confirmation of Your Team(s) Registration Will not be CONFIRMED Until Payment is Received

Please Notify us on the "On-Line" Registration Form if Your School Will be Paying by Purchase Order

Please Continue to Visit This Page for Updates 

2016-17 Competition Regulations

Click the Button Below 

2016-17 Technical

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2017 U.S. Addendum

...to the 2016-17 F1 in Schools U.K. Competition and Technical Regulations for U.S. State Regional Competitions.

IMPORTANT:  This Document is to be Read Alongside the 2016-17 F1 in Schools Competition and Technical Regulations

With regards to the competition rules, there are a couple of differences between the U.K. Competition Regulations and the U.S.  In the U.S...

1.  ...state regional events require two (2) cars, a primary and a backup, made out of the official F1iS Model Block be submitted,

2.  ...the pit display area is defined with regards to length, width and height  as follows...
Length = 3 m or Approximately 10' 
Width = 1 m or Approximately 3'
Height = 2.4 m or Approximately 8'

3.  ...separate orthographic drawings and renderings must be presented for Scrutineering as well as included in the Design and Engineering portfolios.

     An IMPORTANT Reminder:  Please REMEMBER to ADHERE to all Critical Technical Regulations.  We do not want any team being disqualified from being eligible for awards or advancement to the next level of competition(s).